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125 kHz RFID SMD Module
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  • Easily Integrated: All-in-one SMD RFID reader module with integrated microcontroller, analog circuit, and antenna driver requires only an antenna and power supply to function
  • Compact size: 2.0 x 2.2 cm (approximately 0.8 x 0.9 inches) with SMD pads suitable for automated assembly
  • Automatic Operation: Independently processes RF signals, demodulates and decodes tag data without an external controller
  • Supports Multiple Transponders: The module is compatible with Atmel/Temic T55xx tags (e.g., T5557, T5567, T5577) and widely-used EM4100/02, TK4100 tags. It also supports both Manchester RF/32 and Manchester RF/64 modulations
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range: Supports both 3.3V and 5V power supplies
  • Flexible Communication Interfaces: UART and I2C options for seamless integration
  • Read Range: Offers a practical read range of 5-10 cm (2-4 inches), with a typical read range of 7.5 cm (approximately 3 inches), varying based on tag type and antenna size
  • GPIO Control: Non-blocking GPIO control including Buzzer, LED, and Relay support
  • Customizable Firmware: Upgradeable firmware for tailored applications
  • Pin-to-Pin Compatibility: Drop-in replacement for 13.56 MHz RFID module SM5211-SMD, requiring only an antenna change
  • Upgrade-able: Integrated bootloader for easy firmware updates and custom firmware development
  • Wiegnad 26-bit Output: Supports programmable Wiegand 26-bit output format
  • Alternative form factors available: SM1250B-MINI and SM125-M2
  • Long-Term Availability: Over 10 years of lifecycle support ensures long-term viability
  • Refined and Robust: The Premier OEM 125 kHz RFID SMD Module for proximity card applications

    The SM1251-SMD is a highly integrated 125 kHz SMD RFID module, encapsulating the power of a ARM® Cortex® microcontroller, analog circuit, and antenna driver within a single compact package. This module is designed to provide OEMs with a reliable, cost-effective solution for embedding RFID functionality into their products, offering ease of integration and robust performance across a wide range of RFID proximity card applications.

    This design represents an enhancement of Sonmicro's pioneering, legacy SoC-based RFID IC, named SM125-IC, and encapsulates years of innovation and proprietary technology.

    Its streamlined design eliminates the need for external amplifiers, filters, and microcontrollers, significantly reducing overall system cost and complexity.

    Alternative Form Factors

    Standardized Packages for Versatility

    Sonmicro has standardized RFID modules with MINI20, SMD20, and uSMD20 package types, offering advantages such as pin-to-pin compatibility with cross-field modules between 125 kHz RFID and 13.56 MHz RFID Modules.


    For plug-and-play usage, the SM1250-MINI features 2.0 mm pitch low-profile pin headers, making it easy to integrate into your existing designs with compatible sockets on the motherboard. Functionalities are identical to the SM1251-SMD, with the only difference being the form factor.


    For plug-and-play usage, the SM125-M2 features 2.54mm pitch standard pin headers, making it easy to integrate into your existing designs with compatible standard pin sockets on the motherboard. Functionalities are identical to the SM1251-SMD, with the only difference being the form factor.

    Tailored for Proximity Card Applications

    The SM1251-SMD module is designed for compatibility with a variety of transponders, including Atmel/Temic T55xx and the widely used EM4100/02. It supports both Manchester RF/32 and Manchester RF/64 modulations. Engineered for simplicity, it requires only an antenna and a power supply to function effectively. The module automatically demodulates and decodes RF signals, preparing the actual tag data for immediate use.

    Compact and Complete

    Includes all necessary components for a 125 kHz RFID reader, except the antenna.

    Automatic Functionality

    Independently performs all necessary signal processing; no external controller required.

    Flexible Interfaces

    Offers UART (up to 115200bps) and I2C (up to 400KHz) communication options.

    Customizable Outputs

    Features controllable General Purpose Outputs and Inputs, with a programmable Wiegand 26-bit output format.

    Firmware Flexibility

    The module's firmware is upgradeable to accommodate custom-specific applications, enhancing its adaptability to future needs.

    Application-Driven Design

    Ideal for embedding into products such as access control systems, the SM1251-SMD supports a wide array of applications due to its small size and powerful features. It is particularly suited for designers seeking to integrate RFID functionalities without the bulk or complexity of traditional designs.

    Advanced Features and Benefits

    Wide Range of Power Supply

    The SM1251-SMD works with both 3.3V and 5V power, giving you the flexibility to use it in most existing systems.

    Future-Proof Design with Integrated Bootloader

    The SM1251-SMD features a built-in bootloader, a valuable tool for keeping your device up to date. This bootloader allows for:

    Easy firmware updates

    Ensures your device benefits from the latest features and performance improvements.

    Custom firmware development:

    Enables you to tailor the module's functionality to your specific application needs.

    Pin-to-Pin Compatibility

    The SM1251-SMD uses the same pin layout with its popular counterpart, the 13.56 MHz RFID module SM5211-SMD This thoughtful design allows for easy integration into existing designs, reducing development time and costs. Swapping the modules requires only a change of the antenna, eliminating the need for a complete redesign. The same baseboard can be used for both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz RFID applications.

    Compact Size

    The SM5211-SMD is a compact module measuring 2.0 x 2.2 cm (approximately 0.8 x 0.9 inches), equipped with SMD pads suitable for automated assembly, making it ideal for space-constrained applications.

    Advanced Customization Options

    We offer customization services tailored to meet specific project needs, from custom firmware development to complete system design. Whether adjusting form factors, antenna designs, or integration protocols, our goal is to ensure that the SM1251-SMD not only meets but exceeds your project requirements.

    Contact us today to explore how the SM1251-SMD can enhance your product offerings with its advanced features, reliability, and scalability.

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