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Pioneering RFID and IoT Embedded Solutions Since 2004

Established in 2004, we proudly celebrate over two decades of continuous innovation in the electronics sector. Our company specializes in RFID, RF, Ethernet, and Embedded Systems, and has extensive experience in embedded systems. As an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), we provide tailored designs and products for OEMs, alongside maintaining a robust production capacity. We continually add innovative products such as IoT and tracking systems to our portfolio, follow the latest developments in technology, and offer the latest technologies to our customers

Our Success Stories

Our journey began when we incorporated the world's first programmable 125 kHz RFID (SoC) chip into our products. It was a significant milestone when we introduced the world's first programmable 125 kHz RFID (SoC) chip into our products. By 2006, we expanded our product line to include 13.56 MHz Mifare® modules and readers, supporting NFC and smart card applications.

In 2008, in Turkey, we played a significant role in providing Card-Based Access Systems (CBAS), commonly known as 'Kartlı Geçiş Sistemi' (KGS), and Electronic Toll Collection systems for highways. We designed and manufactured both the RFID readers and Ethernet-enabled control panels. These included the highest security payment systems, maintaining high standards of quality and reliability. We are proud to have been a part of this project. The project is still active in some other countries, and we continue to provide support and maintenance services.

Never settling for the status quo, we pushed boundaries in 2012 with the development of our Serial to Ethernet Converter modules. These user-friendly and affordable solutions became industry favorites, solidifying our commitment to constant innovation.

As the industry evolved, automation became a key focus for us. In 2016, we responded to this need by developing SMD modules, aimed at simplifying the manufacturing automation process for our clients. Meanwhile, we renewed and improved our production line with the latest technology and equipment, ensuring the highest quality and top speed.

In 2022, we expanded our offerings to provide even more turnkey solutions for OEMs. This includes enclosed RFID Readers, such as our popular SProxy series, designed specifically to meet the fast-to-market requirements of our clients.

Continuing to push the boundaries of technology, we recently introduced IoT Modules and Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connected RFID IoT Readers.

We are also proud to have achieved a significant milestone in 2024 by producing the world's smallest Contactless Smart Card Reader module. This accomplishment underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence.

We are actively working on integrating additional technologies such as bluetooth beacons and long-range RF modules into our products, further expanding our technological boundaries.

Production Capabilities

Our modules and readers are manufactured on our own fully automated production line, including the Juki RS-1R SMT High-Speed Pick and Place machine, SJ INNO TECH HP-520SII High quality Solder Paste Printer, Reflow Oven, and AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) machine enabling us to offer customization and project-based assembly services to our partners. This in-house approach ensures consistency in production quality, increased efficiency, and rapid prototyping capabilities, all at a competitive cost.

Long-term Partnerships and Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize client-centricity, fostering long-term partnerships built on customer satisfaction. This approach allows us to develop unique solutions for cost and process optimization, ultimately strengthening your competitive edge.

Innovate with Us

Sonmicro Electronics: Where innovation meets quality in the OEM/ODM market for embedded systems and solutions. We're passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology and have a proven track record of success. Join us as we collaborate to bring your next groundbreaking embedded project to life. Our expertise is your advantage.

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