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13.56 MHz RFID Mifare Module



General Information

SM130 is a 28 pin DIP(1000 mil, wide) package type, compact module that includes all neccessary components for 13.56 MHz RFID Mifare® Reader/Programmer except only the PCB antenna.

SM130 Mifare® Read/Write module is the first low cost module solution in the industry for Mifare® applications. It supports Mifare® Classic 1K (1KByte), Mifare® Classic 4K (4KByte)and Mifare® Ultralight (512 bit).

Designing a Mifare® application with SM130 will only take few days. The module itself performs all demodulation, decoding, encryption and decryption operations. Users never need to know about RFID concept and the only thing is to control the module by external controller over UART or I2C bus with simple protocols explained in device datasheet. It has 2 general purpose inputs and 2 general purpose outputs to expand I/O count of a system and can be used to read switches and to control relays, lamps etc. SM130 can be easily and quickly integrated into RFID Mifare® applications with very less effort.

Mifare® is the perfect solution for the applications such as loyalty and vending cards, public transport, city cards, access control, gaming, banking, health, payphone, Government, Internet, POS, smart meters...etc.



  • Complete and Compact Mifare Read/Write module. SM130 requires only PCB antenna.
  • Supports ISO14443A Mifare® Classic 1K, Mifare® Classic 4K, Mifare® UltraLight
  • UART Interface - 9600bps to 11520bps, I2C Interface - up to 400KHz or USB Interface 
  • Control-able General Purpose Outputs and Inputs
  • Supports Sleep Operation
  • Fast data transfer - Contactless communication up to 106Kbit/s
  • Secure - Encrypted contactless communication
  • Firmware Upgrade-able
  • Ideal for e-money, secure access and fast data collection applications.


Pricing Information


Reference price for 100 pcs $18.9/ea
Better prices are available for higher quantites.

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Please Click to go 13.56 MHz RFID - MIFARE Support page for:

  • Datasheet
  • User Manual
  • Application Notes
  • Upgrades
  • Software Downloads
  • Knowledge Base
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